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Helping burn survivors get back on their feet through trauma-informed counselling, burn-specific massage and other holistic therapies.

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The Stepping Stone program is aimed at jumpstarting the recovery journey for burn survivors and their families. We understand that burn injuries can be complex. Our professional directory of practitioners covers both conventional and contemporary approaches to support the overall betterment of physical, mental and emotional health helping you take the next step in your healing journey. 

The goal of the Stepping Stone program is to support meaningful healing with an individualized approach. We work with burn survivors to better understand their needs and to set them up for success by helping deepen their knowledge about the tools available. Together, we determine the right approach and survivors are connected to an expert directory of practitioners who have experience working with burn and trauma survivors.

Program Information

Year-round support

The Stepping Stone program is open to burn survivors, family members and caregivers. The program is directed at individuals or families who need a jumpstart in the areas of wellness. 

  • Burn survivor or family member/caregiver.
  • Must be aged 18+
  • Must be living in BC or Yukon.

Stepping Stone

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