Apply by June 7, 2024

Adult survivors and Burn Camp Junior Counsellors based in BC or Yukon are encouraged to apply to the bursary program.

Applications Open Spring 2024

Oswald Howell Memorial Bursary


Responding to an emergency call in 1952, Captain Oswald Howell, Vancouver Fire Department passed away from burn injuries after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Dr. Charles Snelling Bursary


A leader in burn care and research, Dr. Charles Snelling, Vancouver General Hospital, was a co-founder of the Burn Fund in 1978.

Captain Alex Blake Memorial Bursary


A co-founder of the Burn Fund in 1978, Captain Alex Blake of Coquitlam Fire Fighters Local 1782 recognized the need to further develop research in the area of burn care and healing.

Owen Cantlie Bursary


Owen Cantile burned his hand on a fireplace resulting in serious injuries at age one. The Cantile Family advocated for fireplace manufacturers to add protective screens on their products.

Kris Biggs Memorial Bursary


In memory of Kris Biggs, a dedicated Burn Camp counsellor and member of the Burn Fund community. Burn Camp and the Burn Fund were dear to Kris’s heart so his family established two bursaries in his honour.

Kris Biggs Leadership Bursary


Kris was a natural leader and his family wanted his passion for life and making a difference to carry on through his two Burn Fund bursaries.

Lois & Peter’s Campers Bursary


Lois Budd and Peter Hansen created this bursary to support their beloved Burn Camp graduates who are continuing with post-secondary education.

Dr. Ghahary Bursary


Lab Director at the BCPFF Burn and Wound Healing Lab (2007-2022), Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Ghahary and his staff have done research to speed wound healing and decrease scar formation.

Ryan Hartwell Bursary


A long-term researcher at the BCPFF Burn and Wound Healing Lab, Ryan Hartwell wishes to support burn survivors pursuing further education in the sciences.

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