Adult Survivors

Adult burn survivors connect through social activities which facilitate peer support and connection.

Strengthening Connections

Through shared experiences

The adult burn survivor community is deeply rooted in the shared experience of burn trauma, but its reach extends far beyond. 

While every burn survivor story is unique, many in our community can relate to each other’s shared experiences. This connection fosters healing and helps those in our community have a deeper understanding of themselves and a positive way forward.

Program Information

Year-round support

The adult burn survivor community is an inclusive and diverse group. This group connects through social and educational activities throughout the year. 

“This community of support and empathy has made an indescribable difference to my own healing and has had a profound impact on my life choices. Most importantly, I have come to be able to accept and fully embrace how my experience can benefit others which have helped me to realize my own healing; after so many years! Through the wonderful support of this community, I will continue to thrive, learn and grow personally” – Stasi Manser, burn survivor.


Adult Burn Survivors

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