Our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, fire fighters, and healthcare partners bring the Burn Fund’s mission to life.

Our Staff

Behind the support and services at the Burn Fund is a dedicated staff team each bringing unique experience and skills.

Jeff Sauvé, PhD

Executive Director

Meet Jeff, our Executive Director with over two decades of experience in sports leadership. Including roles in national and provincial non-profit organizations. As our strong, compassionate leader, he champions our team to bring the best out of one another. Working closely with the Board of Directors, he’s on a mission to extend our programs and services throughout BC and the Yukon. Tailoring them to meet the diverse needs of burn survivors wherever they’re at in their journey.

Cindy Phanthoupheng

Finance Manager

Meet Cindy, she works closely with our Executive Director and Secretary Treasurer to assist with financial and budget planning. Making sure every dollar is put to its best use, and providing transparent financial reporting, allowing donors and stakeholders to see the positive impact of their contributions. With over 30 years of experience managing non-profit organizations accounting, our team feels confident that our finances are in capable and caring hands.

Devon Taylor

Events Manager

Meet Devon, our dynamic Events Manager. She spearheads our flagship events – the enchanting Bright Nights in Stanley Park and the impactful Responders Dinner. With fifteen years of event and fundraising expertise, Devon excels in production, logistics, scheduling, and seamlessly coordinating volunteers, sponsors, and suppliers. Her lifelong dedication to charity, through volunteering and board service, fuels her passion to elevate the Burn Fund’s profile. Devon is your go-to for event info; she’s excited to welcome you to all of our events.

Jane Spitz

Communications Manager

Meet Jane, she manages our communication channels and digital platforms. With a deep passion for filmmaking, she’s helped charities around the world spotlight critical issues. Through the powerful medium of storytelling, she strives to inspire positive change, boost awareness of burns, fire safety and promote the life-supporting programs and services of the Burn Fund. If you have a story to share, Jane is here to amplify your voice and ensure it’s heard.

Karyn Rose

Executive Administrator

Meet Karyn, she bridges connections between the BCPFFA and Locals. Her career began in culinary arts and later worked in special event planning. Inspired by her husband, a fire fighter with Burnaby Local 323, she’s driven to create a meaningful impact within our Burn Fund community. Aiming to strengthen the bond between fire fighters and donors. If you’re a fire fighter seeking ways to contribute to the Burn Fund, Karyn is here to assist you.

Kim Jampole

Database & Logistics

Meet Kim, our expert in donor database management and accounts payable support. With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, Kim collaborates closely with our Executive Director on donor stewardship. Helping to give our donors the recognition and support they deserve. If you require assistance with donation processing or charitable tax receipts, Kim is your dedicated resource.

Lois Budd

Healthcare Liaison

Meet Lois, she recently retired from Vancouver General Hospital as a nurse and has spent nearly 20 years volunteering at Burn Camp and serving on the Board of Directors as our hospital liaison. Lois plays a vital role in extending survivor services to adults and families. Her profound commitment lies in helping survivors find strength and resilience in the face of burns and trauma. If you ever need guidance in accessing our programs and services, Lois is here to provide you with the support you deserve.

Margot Merinsky

Program Manager

Meet Margot, she manages our Little Lionhearts, Thrive, Burn Camp, and Adult Burn Survivor programs. With a background in social work for families and children, she’s committed to building an inclusive community. Margot’s mission is to guide families and survivors through the sometimes challenging journey of recovery, providing valuable resources and support. If you’re a burn survivor seeking assistance within your community, she would be happy to help you at every step of your journey.

Peter Hansen

Home Away Manager

Meet Peter, a dedicated fire fighter with 30 years of service in the District of North Vancouver Local 1183. In 1988, he became a Board of Director and later, in 1990, the Burn Fund’s first Executive Director. Peter’s commitment extends today as he provides invaluable support at the busy Burn Fund Centre, offering assistance to both the team and survivors seeking a home away from home. If you’re going through treatment and require a comforting place to stay, Peter is here to ensure you feel right at home.

Board of Directors

The Burn Fund is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors represented by fire fighters, and medical and business professionals from across British Columbia who seek to improve the lives of burn survivors.

Meet Todd, our President, who previously held the role of Secretary-Treasurer from 2016 to 2023. Todd has been a member of Surrey Fire Fighters Local 1271 since 1996 and currently serves as a fire suppression Captain. From 2006 to 2016, he dedicated his time to the Local 1271 executive board, assuming roles as Trustee (2006-2008), Registrar (2008-2012), and Treasurer (2012-2016). Notably, he also served as an Executive Director of the Surrey Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society during his tenure.

Meet Brian, our Secretary-Treasurer, who is a dedicated fire fighter with the Saanich Fire Department and a member of Local 967. Brian previously held the position of President for Local 967’s charitable foundation for 6 years. In addition, he has made significant contributions to various BCPFFA committees, including Finance, Grievance, Database/IT, Resolutions, and Convention committees.

Meet Ray, our Vice-President, with a tenure on the provincial board since 2012. Ray, a retired firefighter with 34 years of service at Coquitlam Fire Fighters Local 1782, including several years as a Fire Captain. Currently, he serves as the co-chair of the governance committee, participates in the allocations committee, and contributes to the strategic planning committee. Notably, Ray has chaired Bright Nights since its inception 25 years ago.

Meet Amanda, a dedicated fire radio operator/dispatcher at Surrey Fire Fighters Local 1271 since her hiring in 2008. Amanda’s commitment extends to her role on the Burn Fund board, which she joined in 2021, following years of active support for various initiatives. Since 2010, she has volunteered at Bright Nights and even took on the position of site supervisor. Additionally, Amanda volunteered at the Little Lionhearts Family Camp in 2019.

Meet Brent, a fire fighter at Fort St. John Local 2143 since 1999, who achieved the position of shift captain in 2012. Brent’s involvement with the Burn Fund began in 2014 as a Burn Camp Counsellor, and he became a Board of Directors member in 2013. Throughout his tenure, Brent actively participated in various committees. Notably, within his community and with Local 2143’s support, Brent stands as a leading fundraiser, and his Charitable Society has generously donated nearly $500,000 to the Burn Fund.

Meet Erin, a dedicated member of the Richmond Fire Department Local 1286 since 2010. In 2021, Erin joined the Burn Fund Board after actively volunteering with Burn Fund programs for 12 years. Her journey began in 2011 with Burn Camp, and she has consistently supported Thrive (since 2017) and Little Lionhearts. Erin’s commitment extends globally as she accompanied a young burn survivor at the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Camp in 2016. She has consistently answered the call to assist burn survivors across BC and the Yukon.

Meet Graeme, he has dedicated his service to the Burn Fund board since 2013. Following a successful 30-year career in the investment industry, he serves as an integral member of the Burn Fund’s Governance and Finance committees, as well as any special projects related to Resilience. His pivotal role extended to the development and ratification of the Burn Fund endowment funds, which are under the management of two of Canada’s largest investment organizations. Beyond his board responsibilities, Graeme has actively engaged with numerous philanthropic organizations and possesses a longstanding commitment to fundraising efforts spanning decades.

Meet Grant, a retired member of the North Vancouver District Fire Department Local 1183. Grant has diligently served as a Burn Fund representative for 18 years and became a member of the Burn Fund board 12 years ago. His contributions extend beyond board duties as he actively participates in various Burn Fund committees. Furthermore, Grant assumes the role of chair for Bright Nights at Stanley Park, dedicating several months of his time annually. He is also involved in the operations of the Burn Fund Centre’s Home Away program.

Meet James, a dedicated member of Vancouver Local 18 and currently serves as the Executive Director at Vancouver Firefighter Charities. He’s a passionate fire fighter with three years of service on the Burn Fund Board. Notably, he chaired the Governance Committee, showcasing his adeptness in responsible organizational management. He consistently makes a significant impact, leveraging his unwavering dedication to support the fire fighting community. His professional journey is marked by humility and an unwavering commitment to service.

Meet Jason, a dedicated member of Trail Fire Fighters Local 941 with an impressive 20-year involvement in the Burn Fund. Over the past 18 years, Jason has been an invaluable asset to the Burn Fund board, currently holding the position of Chair for our Prevention committee. Beyond his fire fighter and volunteer commitments, Jason’s entrepreneurial expertise played a pivotal role in the successful realization of the Burn Fund Centre in 2016.

Meet Jodie, a dedicated member of the Burnaby Fire Department Local 323 since 2001, currently holding the rank of Captain. Her journey with the Burn Fund began in 2006 as a Burn Camp Counsellor, and in recent years, she has taken on additional roles, including serving on the Burn Camp committee and representing Local 323 as the Burn Fund Representative.

Meet Kirk, a dedicated member of Victoria Fire Fighters Local 730 for two decades, where he has served in various roles, including fire fighter, driver, and acting captain. With a remarkable history of thirteen years as a Burn Fund Rep, Kirk joined the Burn Fund board in 2016. His commitment extends to sixteen years of involvement with Burn Camp, where he presently serves on the Burn Camp committee. Additionally, Kirk actively participates in the fire prevention and Thrive program committees. As the Rep for the Adult Burn Survivors program on Vancouver Island, Kirk also serves as the liaison for Burn Fund Reps in the South Vancouver Island region.

Meet Murray, a dedicated member of Cranbrook Local 1253, serving as the Burn Fund representative for 14 years. His tenure on the Burn Fund board commenced a decade ago, during which he has contributed to various committees. Murray’s commitment extends to his role as a Burn Camp Counsellor since 2009. With a strong desire to connect with burn survivors across British Columbia and the Yukon, Murray actively participates in most Burn Fund survivor programs, including Thrive.

Meet Pat, a dedicated member of Kelowna Fire Fighters Local 953 for the past 18 years. A decade ago, he transitioned to the Burn Fund board after serving as Kelowna’s Burn Fund representative. On the provincial board, Pat has actively participated in various committees, currently serving on both the finance and governance committees. For over a decade, he has been part of Burn Camp and holds the distinction of being a founding member and current chair of the Thrive program, a Burn Fund support initiative for young burn survivors.

Meet Umesh, a dedicated fire fighter with Nanaimo Fire Rescue Local 905, where he has worked since 1999. Umesh’s commitment to the Burn Fund spans over two decades, during which he has served on various committees, including the election committee, prevention committee, and the Blue Skies committee. He has also been a continuous presence on the Board of Directors for six terms. Furthermore, Umesh has volunteered at Burn Camp as a Camp Counsellor for 16 years and played a pivotal role in the launch of the Little Lionhearts Family Camp, a Burn Fund initiative designed to support our youngest burn survivors, their siblings, and parents.

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