Burn Fund Centre

Answering a critical need

Welcoming burn survivors, fire fighters and donors to its offices and accommodations since opening in 2016. The Home Away Program supports those who have been impacted by burn and trauma injuries by providing a home away from home.

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Survivor Programs

Helping burn survivors thrive

Our programs support survivors through every step of their recovery journey. From providing accommodations through the Home Away Program to offering opportunities for meaningful connection through camps and retreats, the Burn Fund creates opportunities for healing so that burn survivors can thrive.

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Your Impact

Your gift makes a meaningful difference to burn survivors and their families.

Professional Fire Fighters


Champion the Burn Fund’s mission.
Adult Survivors


Supported across BC and the Yukon.
Kids + Youth


Attend our camps and retreats every year.
Parents & Caregivers


Educated through our Too Hot For Tots program each year.

Supporting Fire Fighters

Our community heroes

As the charity of BC’s professional fire fighters, we are proud to support first responders by offering opportunities for meaningful connection with burn survivors, providing Home Away accommodations and contributing funds to the BC Fire Fighter Resiliency Program.

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Hospital Partnerships

Collaborative care

Since 1978, the Burn Fund has played an important and unique role in enhancing care for burn survivors in BC and the Yukon by supporting BC’s trauma hospitals.

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Education and safety

We are dedicated to supporting the work of prevention partners across the province and are involved in provincial and national burn and fire prevention initiatives.

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About Us

Empowering survivors to thrive through impactful programs. 

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