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Final cover of Santa and His Super Hero

The McTaggart Family

……It is about the Cause – not just a book.


Proceeds of the sale of our book will be given to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.  The Burn Fund not only helps survivors across BC, they also focus on education and fire prevention.

Their new project is the Burn Fund Center.  A brand new building at main Street and East 23rd Avenue in Vancouver will be an affordable place for caregivers to stay as their loved ones are being treated for their injuries at either Children’s Hospital or the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn, Trauma and High Acuity Unit at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).

There are a couple reasons we picked the Burn Fund:

  • The story is about Santa getting stuck in a chimney and a Fire Fighter saves him.
  • Later in the book they come across a chimney fire and the Fire Fighter puts out the fire so that Santa can safely deliver his presents.
  • Sustaining a burn injury is often a devastating and life changing experience.  The BC Professional Burn fund does great work with burn survivors of all ages.  Please check out their website at burnfund.org for more information.


In order to be able to donate as much money as possible, we decided to do a crowd-funding campaign and sell the books online with the proceeds going to the Burn Fund.

Santa’s Superhero

Many years back in those tender days when my son was still 3, he came up with this story concept. I have been in amazement ever since. More so was what intrigued this mental creativity.

I am an entrepreneur and have a passion for helping people.  My son Nathan, sees me as his hero and shares my life passion. This made him come up with the idea. This idea has since then captivated me and turned into a goal and ambition. We got started on the book project, but found it it was much more than just writing a book.

…and so it all began

That was the first time that Nathan connected his Super Heroes (firefighters) to Santa.  That evening when I tucked him into bed, I asked him for ideas for his bedtime story.
He asked me “What would happen if Santa got stuck in a chimney?  Do you think firefighters would help them?


As Christmas grew closer, he would give suggestions about how Santa got stuck in a chimney and how a firefighter came to his rescue.  Each night he would begin by giving a different scenario.  After a few nights I saw a pattern in our story telling so after he fell asleep each night, I would go to my computer and write down the story that we just made up.

By Christmas, we had a lot of different adventures that Santa and his Super Hero would go on.  They would all begin the same way; Santa would get caught in a chimney and a firefighter, his Super Hero, would pluck him out of the chimney. Later that year, I found the stories on my computer and thought that I would put it into a story book for Nathan.  I wrote out the story similar to what we have today and the next year I would read it to Nathan as we got closer to Christmas instead of making up the stories.

Jump forward to the winter of 2014.  Christmas was approaching once again and Nathan asked me “When are we going to make this a real book?” I have been talking about it for the last few years but nothing came of it.  So I told him it was time we get it into print.

So, that is how we came up with a story about how a firefighter helped Santa when he got stuck in a Chimney.


 Who wants to be a Super Hero?

Getting a book illustrated, published and launched is quite a costly endeavor.  We have set up this fundraising to help pay for these expenses. We implore you to help fund this idea. The more money we can get from contributors to pay for these expenses, the more money we will have to give to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.


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Your donation funds meaningful programs and vital prevention campaigns across BC and the Yukon.