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Bursaries and Grants

The BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund Bursaries were initiated by philanthropic families and individuals across BC to support the continued learning of the burn survivor community in British Columbia and Yukon. We are extremely grateful for the generosity from our donors that allows the bursary funds to continue year after year. 

We encourage adult burn survivors and Burn Camp junior counsellors from BC and Yukon who are pursuing or continuing their post secondary education to apply to the bursary program. 

Each year, bursaries are presented to burn survivors from British Columbia who are continuing their post secondary education.

      • Oswald Howell Memorial Bursary ($1,000)
      • Dr. Charles Snelling Bursary ($500)
      • Captain Alex Blake Memorial Bursary ($500)
      • Owen Cantlie Bursary ($500)
      • Kris Biggs Memorial & Leadership Bursaries ($750 and $1000)
      • Lois & Peter’s Campers Bursary ($1000)
      • Dr. Ghahary Bursay ($1,000)
      • Ryan Hartwell Bursary (2 bursaries at $1,000 each)


History of the Bursaries 

To learn more about the history of the Burn Fund bursaries and the inspirational leaders they honour, click here

We encourage you to explore the application criteria and to apply if you meet the requirements outlined on the bursary application form, which can be found below. 

How to Apply

  • Learn more About the Bursaries
  • Review the Bursary Criteria, download and fill in the Bursary Application Form 
  • Write and include a Cover Letter as part of your application
  • Send your Cover Letter and signed Bursary Application Form to with the subject: 2021 Bursary Application
  • Or submit by your application by mailing a copy with attention to Lois Budd to:           3891 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P1


Congratulations to the 2021 Bursary Recipients:

  • Joanne Wood, recipient of the Oswald Howell Memorial Bursary
  • Cheyenne Horvath, recipient of the Dr. Charles Snelling Bursary
  • Brittany Williams, recipient of the Owen Cantlie Bursary
  • Katelin Laxa, recipient of the Alex Blake Memorial
  • Elvyra Wallace, recipient of the Lois & Peter Campers’ Bursary
  • Brianna Gomes, recipient of the Lois & Peter Campers’ Bursary
  • Isabel Howie, recipient of the Kris Biggs Memorial Bursary
  • Kate Walker, recipient of the Kris Biggs Leadership Bursary
  • Emily Brock, recipient of the Dr. Ryan Hartwell Bursary
  • Boris Lau, recipient of the Dr. Ryan Hartwell Bursary
  • Kasey Wright, recipient of the Ghahary Family Bursary