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Too Hot for Tots!

Pediatric thermal injuries place a social, emotional and economic burden on society.  In Canada, fire the burn related injuries are the 3rd leading cause of injury related hospital admissions for children 0-4 years of age.

Canadian Nurse publication – “Preventing Burn Injuries to Children in the Home”

Let’s help spread the word about these preventable injuries.  We offer a detailed workshop training and caregiver presentations of the Too Hot for Tots! program for all public health care providers; early childhood educators; fire fighters, parents and caregivers.

Find out how easy and beneficial it is to book a workshop in your community.

Educator Workshop

This workshop teaches educators about preventable burn injuries to young children in the home, aiming to reduce the overall number of pediatric thermal injuries in Canada.

Who should attend:  Childcare professionals; Fire Fighters; Public Health Nurses; Social Workers; Daycare Providers; First Aid Attendants.

Educators may also take the virtual Too Hot for Tots! Webinar

Caregiver Presentation

This presentation teaches parents and caregivers of young children how to prevent burn and scaled injuries in the home.

Who should attend: Parents and caregivers of young children.

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