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Too Hot for Tots!

Pediatric thermal injuries place a social, emotional and economic burden on society.  In Canada, fire and burn related injuries are the 3rd leading cause of injury related hospital admissions for children 0-4 years of age.

The Burn Fund aims to be a leader in providing fire safety awareness and burn prevention to the Province of British Columbia and beyond, by providing engaging and innovative advice, campaigns and recommendations. 

Through education materials, community activities and awareness campaigns the Burn Fund, and its professional fire fighter members, are committed to increasing public awareness of potentially dangerous situations, and how they can be avoided.

For Educators

The online Too Hot For Tots! webinar teaches educators about preventable burn injuries to young children in the home, aiming to reduce the overall number of pediatric thermal injuries in Canada.

Who should attend: Childcare professionals; Fire Fighters; Public Health Nurses; Social Workers; Daycare Providers; First Aid Attendants.

How to sign up: Click here to sign up to the FREE online webinar. This includes all three webinar hours.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, no in-person educator workshops are taking place.

For Caregivers

The Too Hot For Tots! caregiver presentation teaches parents and caregivers of young children how to prevent burn and scald injuries in the home.

Who should attend: Parents and caregivers of young children.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, no in-person caregivers presentations are taking place. Please contact if you have any questions.

For Your Community

Whether you work in fire prevention, education, are a healthcare practitioner, or a caregiver, educating your community on the risk of hot water burns and scalds is vitally important. 

Hot Water Temperature Testing Cards: 

Order free Too Hot for Tots! temperature testing cards in the following languages: Punjabi, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Vietnamese. (English, sorry we are currently out of stock!)

Important information regarding hot water temperature cards:

The hot water temperature testing cards contained within our brochures have an expiry date located on the back bottom of each testing card. Please be diligent in reviewing the expiry date to ensure the card is still valid. Upon card expiry date, please cut the card in half so it can’t be used and recycle accordingly. 

To order your complimentary Too Hot for Tots! temperature testing cards, please contact