Burn Fund Launches E-Learning Platform

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Benji and Beau celebrate the launch of the Burn Fund's new Too Hot for Tots e-learning course.

Each year at BC Children’s Hospital there are more than 1,000 burn-related visits for both treatment and follow-up appointments. Children with burn injuries require specialized care and a highly trained team of experts to not only treat the physical injuries, but also to care for the emotional well-being of both the patient and the family. 

Most burns are preventable!

  • Approximately 150 patients with new burn injuries are treated at BC Children’s Hospital each year alone
  • Scald burns account for 70 per cent of all burns in children
  • Scalds are most often caused by hot liquids, steam or hot bath water
  • 78 per cent of burn injuries in children happen to children under five
  • Toddlers are at a developmental stage where they need to explore and experiment, often lacking awareness of danger in certain situations

One of the easiest steps you can take to reduce the risk of burns in households is to share resources with caregivers on how to prevent these incidents from happening.

A new e-learning platform created by the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund, with support from BC Children’s Hospital, is being launched during this year’s Burn Awareness Week (February 5 – 11, 2023). The course is a resource for caregivers to learn about burn and scald prevention. 

Take our Too Hot for Tots course!


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