Burn Awareness Week

Learn more about scald prevention during National Burn Awareness Week, taking place February 5 – 11, 2023.

Scald Prevention

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The theme for Burn Awareness Week 2023 is scalds, which are the most common burn for all ages and account for 70 percent of all burn injuries in toddlers. Scalds are most often caused by hot liquids, steam or hot bath water. In children, the most common occurrence is when a toddler reaches for their parent’s mug of hot coffee or tea, knocking it onto themselves.

Learn more about preventing burns 

Each year at BC Children’s Hospital there are more than 1,000 burn-related visits for both treatment and follow-up appointments. Children with burn injuries require specialized care and a highly trained team of experts to not only treat the physical injuries but also to care for the emotional well-being of both the patient and the family. 

Burns happen in seconds and they can be quite severe. Scalds are the most common burn injury in children and adults and often happen in the home environment with hot liquids such as coffee or tea. The majority of scalds are preventable. 

The Burn Fund has created a free Too Hot for Tots e-learning course that is available to anyone who would like to learn more about scald prevention. Especially relevant to those with toddlers in their lives, this course offers an informative and interactive learning experience in just 30 minutes. Learn from BC Children’s Hospital Burn Director, Dr. Sally Hynes and hear personal stories from burn survivors and their families. The course can be accessed by clicking the play button above.

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