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2018 Too Hot For Tots Workshops – Now Available!

Too Hot For Tots Background:
In Canada, fire and burn related injuries are the 3rd leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions for children 0-4 years of age, and yet, 70% of Canadian parents do not know that scalding from hot liquids such as tea and hot tap water, rather than fire, is the most common cause of childhood burn injuries.  Most of these injuries happen before a child’s 5th birthday and result in long terms consequences for the child and their family.  A recent Canadian study found significantly increased rates of mental and physical illness in adult survivors of pediatric burn injuries (Source: Burn Care Research March 1st, 2016).  The majority of these injuries can be prevented by educating caregiver’s about this common.

Workshop Description:
During this workshop educators will be taught who gets injured, how they get injured and why. Evidence based prevention strategies will be shared and best practice recommendations on how to effectively implement the Too Hot for Tots! Program in community settings.

Workshop Presenter:
Frances MacDougall is a registered nurse and mother.  After working on the Burn Unit at BC Children’s Hospital for over 18 years and hearing parents and caregivers say they were not aware of the burn hazards in their home or how seriously their child could be injured, Frances developed the Too Hot for Tots! Program.  Over the past two decades, Frances has presented at local, national and  international conferences sharing her unique knowledge and understanding of this issue with parents, educators and special interest groups.

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