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Vancouver Firefighters Bikers for Burns Raises $5800 for the Burn Fund

Bikers For Burns Volunteers were representing the Burn Fund at this years 2017 Vancouver’s Motorcycle Show.  Volunteers sold $5800 in apparel!  All proceeds were donated to the Burn Fund!


If you would like to purchase a shirt, check out this website:
Big thanks to the 2017 Vancouver Motorcycle Show Volunteers:
  • Gerry Rooyakkers
  • Terry Rooyakkers
  • Michelle Lehwald
  • Tim Scarr
  • Topher Axces
  • Jennifer Simmons
  • Colin Philp
  • Corby Bernard
  • Loughlan Rycroft
  • Tony Smith
  • Daniel Sager
  • Sov Sin
  • Yoshi Hatta


Any questions can be answered via email at